Mannequin Series Collection : 001-003

Edit : The pan was weirdly downsized on the web so I uploaded separated versions. If you’d like prints of them, they will be available at CTN this year! : ). Also, if you’d like that big ass pan, you can message me. I kinda wanna print that on a giant pan paper.

Castle Series _ 001

My brother is getting married! so I made a 2 minutes animation of their story for last 2-3 weeks. Since it’s their personal story, I am not going to put up the whole thing, nor every screenshots. but these were pretty neutral, so I am sharing. 

color doodle


"Don’t think too much, my dear."

Pen, BW copics and then PS coloring

just some sketchbook stuff

roses for warming up.

trying to get back to drawing and painting and all that. 

I tried some watercolor. And I started drawing from music I was listening, whether it is related or not, but I end up just doodling bunch. Still, I tried few different tones, styles and all with same

color keys

These are the color keys for the trailer I was going to make. They are rough and very quickly done, I hope it’s still entertaining to see them for you. I posted the color script of ‘will’ to see how different I am doing this and stuff. Although It is hard to compare since this one is not so narrative compare to the color script of Will. Anyway, These are scenes that I never showed so I thought It’d be nice to show. 


making of

This is like…..more than 2 years ago. but I used to be very sharp and graphic in case you forgot. hahaha. Cold, Architectural, Sharp, Aggressive designs were definitely what I liked. Now i am trying to be more organic so, but trying not to lose the path I gone through. Maybe I was just more aggressive kid back then.

Characters for The Great Promise. I added in some doodles of the characters and stuff for ya. enjoy : )

David and Nadya Also did takes on Robot and Princess Designs.

check their awesomeness too!

PS - top four of them are basically the finals. 

update - I forgot to upload the size comparison page and very first robot design that I sent to Nadya and David. so updated!